How to load or pack a rental truck for moving

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Check below some tips for loading a rental truck

My advice is rent the biggest rental truck you can afford and that you feel comfortable to drive to do your moving.

I have seen a lot of people renting a small trucks and then, on the day of the moving they cannot fit everything they have and are in big trouble. Many times people have to leave part of their household behind or they have to rent an additional truck or trailer

Also before renting check the truck thoroughly. Check whippers, brakes, horn, adjust side mirrors and etc.

Open the rental truck box look up to the ceiling and double check if there are no evident holes in the roof. I have seen some with big holes in rental box trucks that I could see the sky through. You do not want to load your household into a rental truck that rains inside of it.

My opinion is that Uhauls are easier to load, tend to be more spacious, their box bed are lower with wider ramps so you will not have that steep ramp to walk up your furniture. Just make sure you get a fairly new one, you do not want to go on a highway driving an old truck falling apart.

Before loading the truck make sure you fill it up with the correct fuel. The less you stop with the rental truck after it is loaded the better for you.

I always advise people to by tie-down ratchets to tie the items to the truck walls, avoid using ropes once they tend to get loose when the load accommodates while you drive. You don't want your items to be bouncing around inside of the rental truck while you drive.

If your rental truck has an "attic" put in there more delicate items or boxes. For example that smaller TV, fine dish boxes and other small items. In this area you will not the able to stack much so this will reduce the risk of having the boxes caving by the weight of the ones above.

Next plan your truck loading and packing by building walls parallel to the box firewall (the wall that is against the truck cab). Never build walls in a longitudinal way because you will end up taking a lot of space and super hard to build up walls.

It is very important to use all the vertical space of each wall to load and pack inside of the truck. Do NOT start a new wall without finishing to build a wall or it is going to hard to pack items over other walls.

Avoid packing tall columns of boxes. Bottom boxes can be crushed by the top ones. I prefer to make a mix of furniture in the bottom and boxes on top of the furniture. For example: I prefer to pack a truck starting a wall putting dresser in the bottom and packing boxes on top of it

Watch the weight and balance inside of the rental truck. All heavy items must be packed on the longitudinal center of the truck and more towards the front of the truck. NEVER pack specially heavy items on one side of the truck nor let heavy items accumulate on one side only. This can be extremely dangerous when you take make turns.

Positions chairs matching each other on top of dressers, buffets or nightstands. Some times can be packed inside of the chair legs to save space, such as: pillows, comforter bags, duffel bags and small boxes. Pack the truck as tight as possible, this will make items interlock each other avoiding damages.

Pictures, mirrors and small glass shelves should be put into picture boxes. Remember to pack those vertically, they are not supposed to be laying flat. Dresser mirrors can go in between mattress and box springs, like this you can save the money for more packing boxes

In a long truck with a box bigger than 14 feet try to tie your items every 2 or 3 walls depending on what you are packing inside of the truck.

When you pack the rental truck avoid supermarket re-used boxes. They will produce uneven walls, the horizontal cross section of the boxes will not match and the smaller boxes will make the bigger cave in and what is inside of the boxes can get crushed.

Investing in same sized new boxes will pay off. The walls of boxes will be straight inside of the truck and it is going to be way harder to have your items broken inside of the truck.Try to use small, medium and large boxes. Avoid as much as possible extra large boxes once they will make your walls uneven with a big dent.

Try to gather everything that is box shaped or rectangular shaped to build the walls. Items with odd shape like bicycles, mowers, garden tools should be left for the last walls inside be truck box. If you mix these items with delicate items you will have damages for sure.

Truck Being Loaded in Florida

Quoting Rental Truck Loading Services

We are a family-owned and operated company for 23 years.

We are Angie's List Super Service Award recipient for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Our loaders use state-of-the-art equipment and tools, and the best materials to make sure your belongings will be secure and protected inside of the rental truck or semi.

If you are going to a distant city within Florida or if you are moving interstate we can load your truck, semi or trailer in a professional way, wrapping the furniture with special moving materials.

Our professional loaders can also unload your rental truck or a semi and setup your furniture at your new place.

Our truck loading company will send a truck loading specialist to your place to check the items that are going to be loaded in the rental truck or semi or trailer.

Our representative will evaluate the truck loading services, walking distance, stairs, elevator size, type of furniture and protection needed, and gather all information to give you a fair price loading quote.

There will be no surcharges, no hidden fees, no surprises on the loading day. You can then budget your load.

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